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Adaptation of its communication to the French market

Adapting campaigns and print media for the French market

Assa Abloy is the world’s leading manufacturer of access systems, security locks, electromagnetic locks and many other products related to security combined with technology. In order to adapt to the French market, we have specially designed brochures, displays and PLV (Advertising on Place of Sale) in accordance with the graphic design of Assa Abloy. These supports were very clear and structured in order to facilitate their understanding as much as possible in case the salesman was unavailable and could not present the products himself.

We communicate from French to German and from German to French

Even if today only the Rhine separates Germany and France, there are cultural differences and aesthetic requirements which needs to be respect for the communication on the respective markets. The agency’s office is located at the heart of the European city, our Franco-German team is perfectly suited to serve the French and German subsidiaries of large groups. Here in Alsace, we evolve every day with the wonderful mixture of both cultures and we have a large network of translators, writers and contacts in the international media for an adaptation of the communications, as well as public relations completed with the international.

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