Your communication agency in Strasbourg

Good communication has a lot in common with beautiful architecture. They are both authentic, courageous, and creative. They follow a clear and unique principle of design, create spaces for encounters and have in mind the future as well as the present.

But successful architecture is the result of multi-processes: functional thinking, coordination of projects, respect of deadlines and costs, unique and personal contact with customers. These qualities combined with the inventiveness and experience of the team are the recipe for the factor behind the success of Interview International. Interview International is located in the centre of the European city of Strasbourg since 1996.

Agence de Communication à Strasbourg - Interview international


Specialists in media for over 20 years, we have established excellent relations with the editors of local and international magazines and journals.

So, if you want us to lead a successful press campaign,
you have come to the right place.

A good public relations agency must know how to write an interesting press release with high quality and unique information value, of high quality and at the right timing. Attracting the interest of journalists, organizing press conferences and transforming a simple product launch into a real media event are some of the missions that we master perfectly.

Agence de Communication à Strasbourg - Interview international


We will find the best way to tell your story in either an attractive or provocative style, depending on what you need and want. We will make sure that technicality and emotions are also present to have the biggest positive impact as possible.

We have a multicultural team that can work in many different European languages: English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Spanish. We also have an extensive network of translators, editors and international media contacts for a successful adaptation for your international communication.

We create titles, slogans and teasers, as well as texts for the content of your website, technical editions, newsletters and brochures which are perfectly suited to your needs and your target.

Agence de Communication à Strasbourg - Interview international


Successful communication strengthens your notoriety, captures the minds and conveys messages in a credible, clear and authentic way. But above all, it must sell and assert itself visually on all media channels.

Interview International highlights your image, your products and your service, according to the personality of your company in a surprising fashion without doing too much or changing your image.
You need an international campaign that takes into account cultural differences in different countries? You’ve come to the right place then.

Agence de Communication à Strasbourg - Interview international


Trade shows, events, and exhibitions continue to occupy a dominant place in the marketing mix of B2B companies. For many years, we have been developing concepts for our customers who’ve we helped raise their voices during trade shows or events.

These events allow companies to assert their visual identity, support teams and strengthen relationships with customers. Of course, careful and efficient planning and preparation, as well as continued coordination, are essential.